So what is addiQuick? 

The addiQuick is a revolution for needlefelters all over the globe. It is a small, portable, needle felting machine that runs on low voltage electricity. The compact design and powerful action allow projects to be finished with little manual stabbing of the wool.

How does the addiQuick work? 

Supercharge your felting with the patented addiQuick tool! The new addiQuick is a workhorse, and boasts a rapid needle insertion of 2,500 depressions per minute. The addiQuick is extremely quick and this allows you to almost effortlessly glide over the wool. The usual method of stabbing over and over again to felt the wool is not needed, just a few stabs to secure the wool first. Then the addiQuick is used very much like a pen or brush over the wool. The risk of repetitive strain injuries from manual felting is a thing of the past...happier hands for everyone and a possible way back into felting for many with hand mobility issues too. The addiQuick is now going to save you on time and allowyou to create beautiful needle felted works of art.

1 addiQuick Felting Machine

1 power supply

1 Set of Needles (3 fine, 3 coarse) 

1 Guide


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